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Brett Ringger

My name is Dr. Brett Ringger and I live in Sherman, Texas–close enough to the border to throw a rock on Oklahoma . My wife patiently puts up with my BS and loves me for me. I am a father of two girly-girls, ages 6 and 3 and a tank of a boy, age 2. I work as an optometrist and spend much of my “free” time riding, wrenching on, or thinking about bikes of all stripes. I am a clydesdale, by virtue of mass (not height). I’m proud to be a part of Team CarboRocket and am excited for what we can accomplish together!

Why am I here? My goal is to lose weight, gain strength, and to achieve a difficult cycling challenge: to race in all major disciplines within cycling this season. I plan to race MTB in short track, cross-country, and downhill; road bike in track, criterium, time trial, cyclocross, and triathlon, with my season culminating in a full-distance XTERRA. My purpose is to use this platform to raise awareness and funds for my annual mission trip to India to provide vision care to the needy in the Sunderbans Islands , West Bengal, India. The funds raised will provide eyeglasses, medicines, and hopefully fund cataract surgery in a country where one-third of all blind people can be found. The two most common causes of blindness in India are cataracts and simply needing glasses to correct vision, and both of these are treatable! More information is at my blog Vision for India :

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  1. Brett Ringger permalink
    August 9, 2010 1:32 pm

    Elden, I am hoping to raise money by auctioning off my SS 69’er I built for this race season. Go to if you would like to see it. I love it and it will be a shame to see it go, but the $$ will help a lot of needy people. Our little team blog gets about 20x more traffic when you link us–if you could advise me on how to set up the donation process it would be a huge help, $5 vs $10 donations, The church that sponsors us is a 501(c)3 entity, so that may help. I will need $$ to buy glasses from the Lions club sorting facility and medicines (some here, some in Calcutta) by early October. I was hoping to run the auction in about a month or so. My goal is to raise $10K. Thanks, any advice is appreciated! My email is and my cell is 214-454-0912 to discuss further or if you have any questions!


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