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Team CarboRocket

March 8, 2010

At first the idea of a “team” was just an excuse for me to put together a cycling kit for CarboRocket. Then the little wheels in my head started turning and it quickly began to evolve. How to make up a team of riders that would be original, interesting, inspiring and worth following?

Using my incredible charm and charisma I then persuaded Elden, Scot Nicol of Ibis and Ritchey components to hop on board. See the About page for the original invitation sent out to the universe via Fatcyclist.

I’m really excited to introduce everyone so I’m going to just step back and let er rip. In no particular order and without further ado here is Team CarboRocket for 2010:

Christy McBride

From the future: Christine McBride, 42, could not hold back the tears as she crossed the Silverman half triathlon finish line. Ten months earlier not many would have imagined or thought possible a 270 pound woman accomplishing this feat… running any distance at her weight was painful and the idea of wearing a swimsuit in public was enough to stop her in her tracks and return to the safety of food…Christine wouldn’t comment if the tears were joy or pain but the smile told the crowd she’d be back for more.

Drew Darnell

I weighed 325 pounds last January. I weigh 268 today…In November 2010 I will complete a 1/2 Ironman. After suffering through years of depression and struggling with suicidal tendencies I have come a long way. Far enough that I am now EXCITED to live and EXCITED to be as healthy as I can be. I am not pursuing these things for the sake of accomplishment. I am doing this for life. I am doing this to prove that mental illness doesn’t have to win. That being “morbidly obese” doesn’t mean death. I am doing this for my wife and son…

Mary Reynolds

… Sometimes I carry my bike when it can’t carry me. My black and blue hips mark me as “needs improvement.” …I will be the first woman to complete the Arizona Trail 300 this April. Physically and mentally my desire will force me out of my comfort zone over uncharted terrain for a sustained period of time…To adequately train for distance and sleep deprivation, I will ride all night on trails marked “warning, smuggling activities in this area,” and then go to work the next day. I’ll dodge dehydration and cacti. Though I’m not handy and don’t cook or sew, I’ll learn to build a penny stove, bake energy cookies, and stitch a Tyvek bivvy sack.

Dartanyon Race

I’ve been sent by fatty. Not that Fatty but the fatty who currently resides around my midsection…Last year I rode my first and only century the Seattle LIVESTRONG challenge. This year I have the completely ridiculous goal of racing cyclocross. Not just racing but finishing and not just finishing but finishing first…last year it was imperative that I ride with team fatty at LIVESTRONG but I was pushing 400 pounds…At the time of the ride I was 290. It’s gone up a wee bit since then and this new goal; this is what’s going to send me into overdrive…I want to stand atop the podium come a cold fall evening covered in equal parts mud, sweat, smiles and pride, 100 pounds lighter.

Sheryl Sturgess

September 14th, 11:59pm, 2009. My finger hovered over the refresh button. Was I crazy? Could I really be a half-ironman triathlete? The distances were crazy, 2km swim, 90km ride, 21km ride all with time limits for each leg. 90km, about an hour in a car. Me, overweight and never trained… Cycling? Training through winter in Saskatchewan, lakes for ice skating not swimming, trails for cross country skiing, bike lanes filled with snow. Would I brave the -40 days to train? Would my family support me? Would I be able to find the time? I’m still asking myself why I pressed refresh?

Lisa Serao

I’m tired of ringing the cow bell! I want to be the one the bell is ringing for!I was once a 2nd place finisher at the 1996 Napa Valley World Cup, now I am an overweight, 40ish chick working hard to gain back my competitive form. I am the one who volunteers at races but secretly wishes I was racing. I am the rider who completes a century in 9+ hours. I am the rider on the group ride who struggles up the hill but gets there just the same…No more! This is the season of my return! I am racing in the MBAA spring series and headed to the Sea Otter for starters. By the end of this season I want to wear a Fat Cyclist jersey without being called a “fat cyclist”!

Brett Ringger

Cycling has wrongly chosen me. I am a 38-year-old clydesdale by virtue of muscle mass, not height… My passion is caring for vision in India where one-third of the world’s functionally blind live. My goal is to race in every main cycling discipline in one season: mountain bike in short track, downhill, and cross-country, road race, TT, criterium, track, cyclocross, culminating in XTERRA Lake Tahoe 2010. I want to use the races as a platform to fund-raise for my second annual trip to India to provide glasses and treatment of eye disease to the lowest in their caste system. My bike will go with me, halfway around the world for transportation and to help haul supplies daily to the village…

David Visschedyk

As an eight year old I lost my right leg to cancer. In 2006 I rode 6580km across Canada to raise money for kids with cancer. I can ride forever but slowly.This year that’s changing. I will no longer be the tortoise, but the hare (I do like to nap). I’m starting racing. Of course, I only have half the “engine” of a regular racer, but I have more desire and determination…I’ve raced once, I finished 1201 of 1204. No excuses, results must improve. I’m competing in the same race (Paris to Ancaster) and will ride xcross in the fall. I will be in the top 900 at P2A this year and in the top 75% in xcross. I won’t ever win, I can guarantee that. I will become a smart racer who will fight like hell for every position and love every agonizing moment.

Jen Joy

Yesterday my friend offered his entry to the BC Bike Race at a discount, go big or disaster? I’ve never ridden more than 32 mountain bike miles at once. I did the week-long RAGBRAI last year as part of Team Livestrong which was a stretch. I feared failure but I made it and returned stronger and confident. However, that’s not 7 days pounding singletrack with 38,000 ft of climbing…Then, I saw pictures of cracked frames and bodies, ladder bridges, mountainous descents, I find descents terrifying enough without the adjectives of extremely steep added to them. Can an over 40 Texan survive the mountainous terrain of the North Shore? That is my goal, my secret terror, my wish.

Jeremiah Prater

My name is Jeremiah Prater and I am a triathlete, a very overweight triathlete. I currently tip the scales at 6’2″ and 328lbs and am training for an Ironman in 2011. I’ve completed a few local sprint races and had two DNFs at 1/2 IM races. My main “A” race for 2010 is Lake Stevens in Washington, my first DNF race, I feel I owe it a serious whipping… My hope is that by competing an IM I can encourage and motivate other members of the Alaska Triathlon club to also complete a race of this magnitude. If the fat man can do it, anyone can…I’ve never ridden a century, and I’ve never run a marathon, both of which I have to do for an Ironman.

Rob Thompson

…I was in a car accident June 23, 2008. I suffered a severe traumatic brain injury. My desire is not to do something extraordinary but something very ordinary. I want to walk again…Since I was released from the hospital,I’ve been in a wheelchair. I’m in Physical Therapy three times a week and have been improving steadily…I live with my parents. My mom is a teacher and keeps a journal of my progress at: My dad is a mechanical engineer and avid cyclist. We watch the Tour like most Americans watch the Superbowl. My dad said he’d build me a bike so I can ride with him…

Check out everyone’s individual page for pictures and short bio.  My hope is that this blog will turn out to be a place you’ll want to come back to time and again.  I will be turning it over to the team to keep updated as they wish, of course I’ll chime in from time to time for better or worse.

5 Comments leave one →
  1. Erick permalink
    March 9, 2010 9:26 am

    Congrats to all of you!!! I too applied to be on this team and was not selected…I can see why, you are all extremely charismatic, dedicated and above all motivating! I hope you all succeed in your goals and adventures…Enjoy yourself and Enjoy life!!!!!


  2. March 9, 2010 11:06 am

    Good luck to you all. We’re excited to be a part of the team!

  3. Christine_Munich permalink
    March 9, 2010 12:32 pm

    Wohhooooo!!! I hope you all get a great start on the team!! Go! Go! Go!

  4. March 9, 2010 1:32 pm

    Congrats to the those who made the inspirational CR team. What an inspiration. I can’t wait to follow your dreams as a way to sustain mine. After battling with some of the same problems as some of you, I have lost 73 lbs and returned to a place in life where it’s worth living and enjoying. I’ll be ringing a cow-bell for you! Don’t you dare give up.

  5. Carrie permalink
    March 15, 2010 5:49 pm

    I won’t lie at first I was bummed about not making the team, but after reading all of your stories I can see why. I’m glad Brad chose such great people to represent his team in some huge ways. Congrats to you all and good luck! I look forward to following you on your journies.

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