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Jeremiah Prater

My name is Jeremiah Prater, and I’m an IT Manager in Anchorage Alaska. I’ve been a resident of Alaska for about nine years, with a few breaks for international work and travel. My sport focus is triathlons, a passion that I share with my sister (the one responsible for this madness).

Three years ago I returned to Alaska, and was sitting in the stands at Chugiak High School watching my first triathlon. I made the comment that “I could do that”, loud enough that my sister (who was competing) heard me and told me to “put up or shut up”. That fall I completed my first sprint distance race, and I’ve had the bug ever since. I’ve since competed in three sprints, one Olympic, and two ½ IM distance races.

Unfortunately, my ½ IM experiences have fallen short. My first was a DNF, and my second was a finish 15 minutes past the cutoff time. This year I’m heading back to Lake Stevens (the home of my DNF) for a shot at completing it, and am competing in an IM distance event in 2011.

My personal challenges that I’m working to overcome are a weight issue (over 300lbs), and rebuilding my shoulder after surgery this summer – which killed my hopes of competing in IM Arizona in 2009. Living in Alaska provides its own set of challenges for training and conditioning. We spend long winters spinning on trainers and running indoors, and have fairly short summers. Our race season is also fairly short, and we don’t have a lot of in state races to choose from. The upside to this though is that our triathlon community is very tight.

I hope that by completing an IM distance race, I’ll encourage more people to pick up the sport of triathlon, and strive to complete something challenging. They say “It doesn’t hurt to Tri”, but I disagree. The Tri hurts, but the finish makes the pain worthwhile.


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