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A Team CarboRocket Year in Review

December 28, 2010

What a year 2010 has been!  I feel so lucky to have been a part of Team CarboRocket this year, and to have shared in the experiences and accomplishments of my teammates from all parts of the country!

When I was selected for the team, my main goal was to get off the sidelines, and get back into competitive mountain biking (as well as fit into a Fat Cyclist jersey without being considered a “fat” cyclist).  I certainly got back into competitive events, and made significant progress towards my weight and body composition goals.  Along the way, I learned about and got re-connected with the process of being a competitive athlete.  Here are some other things I learned this year as well:

Diet and exercise are not all or nothing, they are a lifestyle.  Small decisions made over the course of the day take you toward or away from your goals.

I like tilapia (and quinoa too!)

Riding 100 Miles to Nowhere (exactly 34 times around my block) is a great way to meet new friends (Mary and Marianne)

I am competitive (I think I always knew this, it was good to re-discover it!)

BootCamp classes can be fun (in a twisted way at 5:30 AM)

Having goal events motivate me

I really, really, really like triathlons

Riding my bike still makes me feel like a kid

I (yes me) am a runner!

The top of Mt Tam has the same gorgeous view it had 10 years ago (and mountain biking to the top is still amazing)

I love swimming

Yoga is good – for the body, mind, and soul

Water skiing is fun

It is VERY important to listen to the athlete’s meeting before a tri

“I can’t” is not an option

I am so grateful for having the opportunities that I have had this year, and to the people who helped support me along the way.

Thank you Brad, for pulling us together, and giving me a sense that my personal accomplishments were important enough to have a forum and a support group.  Thank you Kerri, for always being there to support me, and putting up with my wild plans and ideas (kudos to you for completing The Phoenix Women’s ½ Marathon that I signed you up for without asking you!).  Thank you to my fellow Team CarboRocket teammates, your aspirations and accomplishments were truly inspirational throughout the year.  Thank you Susan and Christine for helping me push myself farther in the gym and yoga than I ever thought I could (and for not laughing at me (most of the time) when I completely butcher a pose!)  Thank you to all my friends who in one way or another have supported me along the way this year – BJ for pulling thorns out of my leg after an unfortunate tangle with a cactus during the Wahine Warrior; Karen for the continual and consistent support texts; Mic and Lisa for telling me how my accomplishments have been motivating to them (which helped motivate me even more); the Stewarts – for getting me out to a triathlon, and then supporting me in a very foreign environment.

Sooooo, what about 2011, you may ask.  I am starting off the year with a bang – competing with 3 other gals (including Team CarboRocket’s very own Mary Reynolds) at a local 12 hour MTB race here in Phoenix in January.  After that, I am targeting a couple of sprint triathlons, working up to completing an international distance tri next fall (I have my sights set on a half IronMan for 2012).  I am sure I will work in a couple of running events, as well as some local mountain bike races as well.

My journey continues, with the realization there is no final destination – only the great experiences along the way. Thanks for riding along with me in 2010, and I wish everyone a healthy, happy, and goal achieving 2011!

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  1. December 28, 2010 9:30 am

    Excellent work on improving yourself this year! You are truly an inspiration to all….I love the way you are always ready to try something that is out of your comfort zone. Way to go!

  2. brkeyes7 permalink
    December 28, 2010 4:44 pm

    Thank you, Lisa! Great wrap up, great perspective and great advice. Hope to meet you in person some day.

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