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Congrats to the Winner of the SS 69’er!

October 6, 2010

Congrats to Matthew Pearson, winner of the SS 69’er!  I wanted to have a picture, so it took a while, but Matthew made the drive from Fort Worth to the Dallas area to pick up the bike (he is way taller than me, so he will probably need a longer seatpost)

Congrats to Matthew Pearson of Fort Worth--Not Bad for $10!

Many thanks to all who donated to my cause–I really appreciate it, as will the hundreds of Indians who will be served by your generosity!  Enough money was donated to pay for most of the 1000 pairs of glasses that I will be taking.

Cyclocross Beginneth

Yesterday marked my first cyclocross race of the season of an eight-week series, and my second ever.  Conditions were perfect and I mostly stank, finishing 17th of 24 riders in the “C” (read fatter and slower) race.

Somehow, road fitness only translates loosely into ‘cross fitness.  I rode the frankenbike which is not ideal for cyclocross racing because it is approximately 3″ too tall for me in standover height.  It is, however, the better evil than my 1998 full-squish, 35 lb Specialized FSR.

I had a blast, however, and now have a goal set to improve.  I may race again next Tuesday.

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