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Cyclocross is hilly!

September 30, 2010

My first race was last week. Like all good racers, I decided the morning of the race to switch out my tires. Like all good stories, this lead to me having issues inflating them (wider tubes, but shorter stem). So as my race started, I was pumping up the tire. I eventually got it working, but I started last.

In fact, if you were to look at the results of the race, I didn’t start at all. I’m not sure how that happened, they called out my number every lap, wrote down my times, etc. But, let it be known, I did start.

So I started behind everyone, and quickly realized that although I was in the beginner division, there are different types of beginners. In the same way I remember fluent French speakers taking Beginner French in University (easy mark) it seems like some of these people were more than mere beginners.

For those who people have never been in a cyclocross race (that was me last week), usually it’s done in a field with a few hills and some tight corners. I’d have had no problem on my mountain bike with disc brakes, but I found some of the turns hard with a cross bike. But, each lap made me more comfortable, and hopefully faster (I’m not sure about faster).

Beginner events are only 40 minutes, so the race felt like it was over before it even started. Although the results state that I didn’t start, I know I did, and I didn’t finish in last. That’s only because someone had a mechanical problem, but too bad for them.

I’ve got a race close to my house this weekend, so I won’t be changing any tires the day of the race and will be ready to kick some butt!

My cousin took some photos of me in the race, but she lost her cable. So they should be coming soon, when they do, I will post them.

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