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Freeze Breeze and Wheeze race report

September 5, 2010

I thought I was done for the season, but i started to get restless. I had started to run again with my running buddies, I could finally do my lunchtime run and still be functional in the afternoon. I was ready for a new challenge. Of course, I happened to stumble across the Saskatchewan triathlon club website and found myself a race. The Freeze Breeze and Wheeze, in La Ronge Saskatchewan (about 5 hrs north of Saskatoon). Being that I don’t have a car, I had to be a little devious to get a ride to this event. I printed out the application form and invited my running buddy Lisa out for coffee, I had the form all filled out, the cheque written and the envelope addressed. The conversation went something like this “oh Lisa you need to sign here (hand her a pen and the form). Oh what type of coffee do you want? (I’m sure I gave her all of 10 seconds to read the form). She signed it – I had my ride to the race ūüôā

It was my first trip north and it was amazing, there are actually trees in Saskatchewan – it was a grand surprise for me. We managed to sneak in a bit of hiking and some swimming in an apparently “warm” lake (it was maybe 10 C) – I didn’t last long but it did give me a good idea of just how cold the water was going to be 3hrs further north.

We made it to La Ronge the day before the race, we had a bit of a look around town,¬†realized¬†we had no idea where the race was starting from – had a bit of a panic then found a computer – it was starting from Patterson Park at 11 am the next day. We’d managed to book into the hotel across the road from the starting line. After a good night’s sleep we went to check out the course – 10:30 on Sunday we went looking for the starting line – it was supposed to be just across the road. We couldn’t see anything so we ventured further into town, still couldn’t find a start line. This is quite a small race a total of ~40 races.

By 10:50 when we still hadn’t seen any signs there was a race starting in the¬†vicinity¬†we started to get a little concerned. We headed back to our room to finish packing up and took our stuff out to the car, as we headed out we saw a few cars across the road and one person trying to put a bike together – things were looking up we’d¬†probably¬†found the start line.

We got checked in and started to get a bit excited – I wouldn’t go into the water before the start of the race, I knew I would find it cold. It was just easier to put it off until the gun went. I think I had the best swim of my life, I came out at the back of the lead group, unfortunately I was cold when I got out of the water – I couldn’t get out of my wetsuit as a result I had a very long transition. Eventually I made it out of transition and onto the ride. I was in a good frame of mind, having the scenery was wonderful it was such a change from the flats around Saskatoon. There were a couple of rolling hills which was nice.

The entry to transition two was a bit of loose sand lots of fun for riding across. I flew through T2 – according to the photo time stamps I had a 42 second transition. The run was along some trails, it was beautiful and blueberries available to pick along the way. Lisa was telling me about how tasty they were once we finished – she had time to stop and eat some and I still didn’t catch her. I ran about 95% of the 6km course – which is much more than I normally do.

I had a wonderful race, their support was great and the¬†scenery¬†was fantastic. If I’m in Saskatchewan next year I’ll be heading back up for this race.

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  1. ChristyMcB permalink
    September 6, 2010 4:55 pm


    Awesome race report and I like the way you think about recruiting friends to join you in your adventures. I’m going to have to try that sometime. hehe

    Since you’ve been bit by the bug…what’s next?? (I know of a nifty little race in November if you want to join me! No, wait…let’s meet for coffee!)


  2. brkeyes7 permalink
    September 13, 2010 11:44 am

    I’d stay far far away from any event called, “Freeze Breeze and Wheeze.”

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