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Fatty Fest 2010 Finale…Next?

July 21, 2010

Dirt Jump Video

I am continually amazed by dirt jumpers.  Here’s a couple of videos I took with my Olympus camera at Fat Tire Festival 2010 in Eureka Springs, AR.  Click here for the full race report.  The first rider is “Ron” whom I smoked in short track.  But then, I can’t do this:

Here’s a short video of “Dirt Jump Jesus” with a failed, but uninjurious attempt:

I did also find a photograph of me, looking exhausted, near the XC finish:

An "almost" podium for Team CR! (4th place, Clydesdale Open)


After a couple of days to nurse my left foot and chest, I have found that I cannot yet run.  Stepping on anything in my arch and pushing off from my left foot to the right hurts significantly.  I think it will be a few weeks before I am able to run without pain.  If it is indeed a stress fracture in my foot, I don’t want to “stress” it any further. 

I believe one of my crashes (I’m not sure which of the three, exactly) damaged the costal cartilage on the right side of my sternum.  It is common in a compressive (crash) injury to bruise this somewhat.  Inhaling completely and coughing is painful.  This gives me pain in the pulling motion of my freestyle stroke.  This eliminates two out of three of the required disciplines for my XTERRA in three weeks, so I will have to sit this one out.  I will look, however, for another triathlon, perhaps in early September to take its place.  I’m going to try to keep my fitness up with road riding, starting tomorrow.  I would complain, but as my wife Tiffany reminded me:  I signed up for this.  On purpose!

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  1. brkeyes7 permalink
    August 17, 2010 6:05 pm

    Who else is scared by Brett? I think you would totally kick my my butt in a cage match.

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