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Going off-road

July 19, 2010

While my goal for Team CarboRocket is to race cyclocross, I’m a roadie.  Most of the summer I’ve been on my road bike doing at least one long ride a week and otherwise riding around.  Last week I dusted off my mountain bike and broght it to our local spot, The Don.

This isn’t a super technical ride, but it’s a nice ride in the middle of the city.  I rode with my friend Dennis and had a fantastic time.  My climbing legs were there, a surprise since I haven’t been doing much climbing this summer.  I also figured out that where we were riding it was better to be in a low gear and ready for the climbs, even if this meant I would spin out on the flats.  Most of this ride is up and down, so it was a good gear choice.  It was one of those fantastic rides where most things go right and you just remmeber why you ride a bike.

I went out on my mountain bike again the next day, and had a fun time too.  This time, taking a different route, I hit a boulder and flew over my handlebars.  Thankfully a recent rain had washed out the trail, so the local riders had filled in the area with sand, so I landed without problems.

I did notice that once I had crashed my flow was done.  I rode fine the rest of the day, but I was just a little hesitant, which meant that I wasn’t able to ride well.

Over the weekend I decided to try my Ibis Hakkalügi off road for the first time since my race.  I decided to ride the single track side the trail, figuring it was best to get used to the bike off road before I really did some damage to myself.  It was a good ride, and interesting how the different hand positioning and brake positioning changed the ride.  Overall it was pretty fun, but it was much slower than on my mountain bike.  I guess I was hesitant, but that will get better.

Cross season starts in a few months!

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  1. Sheryl Sturgess permalink
    July 20, 2010 8:34 am

    the cross season over here is going very sloppy, we’re managed to get rain just about every day.

    Good luck with your training

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