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Day -1

July 17, 2010

The BC Bike Race (or BCBR for short) runs itself in days.  In true nerd fashion there was a Day 0.   Well, to top that, I’m starting with Day -1.  I’m going to attempt to write one entry a day (two today, to provide a  few weeks offset version of the race). Let’s hope this works.  I am not a quick writer and doing one of these tends to take me hours, especially because I am not very good with the pictures part yet.  The race ran from June 26 – July 3rd, 2010.    There were a few people who managed daily updates.  I’m not really sure how.  It was all I could do to ride, eat, bathe and sleep.   Don’t get me wrong, that was a great life and I felt such a strong connection to British Columbia, a place I had visited often as I grew up as my mom is from near Vancouver.    Those lush forests, giant trees and ferns seemed like home.  The smell of the forest is something I wish I could bottle and bring home with me.

Rolling back the clock…

Too much to pack

The cats supervised the packing

The past week had been a hectic time of getting ready.   My last training ride had been on Monday.   I had spent every spare moment packing, planning and deciding on what to bring.  I documented how to cram my bike into a 26″x26″x10″ box (that’s really small!)  I know I hadn’t trained enough, but I had trained all I could given the severity of the overtraining and lack of ability to handle any load. The only good sign was that in the last week my legs had begun to ache less.   If it hadn’t been for Team CarboRocket I would have probably sold my spot in the BC Bike Race, but here I was – going, planning to try the Epic length with the Challenge option as backup.

Packed up bike

Everything except the fork, rear triangle and the other wheel which is in the small side of the box

With the finality of knowing what was done was done, and there only lay the test ahead, I woke up at 4:30am on Friday to catch my early morning flight which got me into Vancouver around 11am the day before everything started.    I was met at the airport by my uncle, who seemed unchanged from years earlier and I was glad to be there with family.   I had a mountain of things, my bike packed into an airline legal (no extra charge) box – minus the front fork and rear suspension triangle.  The Ibis Mojo is a marvel of engineering and the rear triangle is pretty easy to take off.  Those additional parts were buried in my duffle.   I had 8 pairs of kit, sleep bag and pad, some extra parts, food … I had to bring an extra carry on to stay under the 2 pieces at 50 lbs limit each.

Putting my bike together was the first priority on the day once I had arrived.  I had spent 5 hours practicing breaking down and rebuilding my bike before I left.  But I had a few troubles, namely getting the front derailleur cable back into place and my front tire had blown the Stan’s sealant since I had to deflate it quite a bit to fit in the box.   My uncle took me down to Cap’s, a bike shop that had been around since my mom was a kid, and apparently where she had won a bike as a teenager in a school contest.   They helped me get the cable in place, but they didn’t have sealant.   After a nice dinner it was time to get ready for tomorrow which was Day 0: Registration and Prologue.

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