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Spin off Spadina

June 23, 2010

My ‘A’ race if fast approaching, it is on July 4th in Stony Plains, AB.

To prepare myself for the race I signed up to do a sprint tri. I spent a long time trying to decided between the sprint and the Olympic distance. The reason I went with the sprint distance was the three days of limping and struggling down stairs and slopes after the half marathon. I’ve got less than two weeks to recover before my big race, I figured a sprint would give me the transition practice, without the possibility of injury.

Race day:

I headed out to Pike Lake with Lisa and her mum, we got the bikes loaded the coffee picked up an started on the 30 min drive out. I’d only been out to the venue twice, and Lisa had never been there – lucky we saw lots of cars with bikes on the back so we could follow them out.

This is my first tri where there were timing chips and an open water swim. I was very hesitant, it was my first open water swim, and my second swim in a wetsuit. I seeded myself towards the back of the pack, I’m not as confident as I once was in my swimming. I ended up swimming breathstroke for most of the 750m swim – so my sighting was excellent!

All my years of surf-lifesaving paid off and I managed to overtake some people on the run out of the water – which was really motivating. Since I was using this as a dry run for my big race, I spent the time to get completely changed for the bike, I was all set and heading off for my 20km bike ride. I was happy with my time, the weather was perfect no wind low 20’s lots of sunshine. The transition went smoothly and I managed to make it out of transition before any of the Olympic distance people (one of my major goals). I spent about 18km of the ride down in the aeroposition and it felt great. (I had my seat and bars adjusted on Wednesday so it was my first longish ride in the new arrangement-Thanks Greg).

Coming into transition something was going wrong,  my stomach really wasn’t happy with me. I didn’t want to push too hard, because today was all about fun, not about the time. The run at the end felt very sluggish, but it turns out I managed to run my fasted ever 5km by about 30secs. Apparently it just takes me a little while to warm up.

Overall I’m really impressed with my race, I maybe could have pushed a bit harder in each leg, but it was all about going through the motions and having a bit of a dress rehearsal. I figured out I cannot drink using a drink bottle without slowing down about 10km/hr so I’ll be using my cammelback for the race.

I completed my first official tri in 1:42:31.

swim 19:10

ride 49:50 (including two transitions)

run 33:32

2 Comments leave one →
  1. christymcb permalink
    June 23, 2010 9:47 pm

    Sheryl, great race report. Sounds like it was the perfect dress rehersal for the next race. Congratulations!!

  2. Brett Ringger permalink
    June 24, 2010 9:04 am

    Very good! And good luck on your “A” race coming up!

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