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Miscellaneous Update

May 24, 2010

Well, for those who read my 100 Miles of Nowhere expreience and were relieved for me that I passed my kidney stone on early Tuesday morning…I did not.  It had stopped moving and gave me a respite of about 8 hours, from whence it returned to hurt me until Friday morning, when I finally passed the stone.  By that time, after a trip to the urologist for pain meds and a CT scan, I had been filtering my urine and “captured” it, the demon seed, nary the size of a single piece of birdshot.  The good news is that it is gone.  The bad news is that there is another one, quietly attached to the wall of my kidney, waiting to afflict me at some future point in time.  For the time being and the foreseeable future, however, I am recovered

I am starting to quit shuddering when I look at my road bike, whom I unconsciously blame for my pain.  I plan to get back on the horse tonight and ride her.  I need to come away unscathed and I will feel better mentally.  If any of you has suffered through a kidney stone, you will understand.  If not, I certainly don’t wish it upon you.  You just don’t want to know.


After many (okay, one) request for a fire-leaping picture from the Warrior Dash, here you go:

Check out that form!

It was such great fun.  My hat’s off to Red Frog Events that produced the race in making it as safe as possible with walk-arounds available for virtually all of the obstacles if you didn’t feel able.  At the fire pit, though, is where the crowd concentrated, cheering you on.  One unfortunate girl suffered severe burns as she tripped and fell into the fire pit.  I thought surely the guy ahead of me was going to do the same due to his level of inebriation.


Lets see, next I will be going to South Lake Tahoe with my wife for a few days to celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary.  I may try to rent a mountain bike and ride some of the famous trails surrounding the lake, but the weather forecast is not predicting very amenable weather…so we’ll see.  My next “scheduled” race is a sprint-distance triathlon called the “Denison Dash” very close to where I live on June 19th.  I will post with new news about how the India trip is shaping up soon…

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  1. marycycle permalink
    May 24, 2010 2:27 pm

    Cool to have a teammate who can leap over fire in a single bound! I’m glad you recovered from K-stone and 100 miles.

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