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100 MoN – Las Vegas 2 Day Extravaganza

May 13, 2010

The Date:  May 8th and 9th, due to family activities on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

The Route:  Same as last year ~ a 3 mile triangle.  Street #1 – pretty flat; Street #2 – pretty uphill; Street #3 – pretty downhill. 

The Riders:  I had the pleasure of being joined by Kathi – my best friend and true cycle diva who let her house be ‘home base’ and Robin – an up-and-coming cycle diva who’s quickly learning the ways of the road and the benefits of padded shorts.

The Wind:  Some consider it ‘free resistance’, we considered it a pain in the ___ (you can fill in that blank.)  Wind seemed to be a constant theme from the other 100 Miles of Nowhere stories I’ve read. 

The Bikes:  Pinky, Snowie and The Madone         

Day 1:  Saturday started out very mild, Kathi and I took a few warm-up laps with Robin then we set off on our own seeing Robin every few laps while she was taking a break.  As the morning progressed the wind picked up, the runners and people walking their dogs became fewer and fewer.  After around 8 laps Robin called it a day, ending with her longest road ride to date. (Congratulations!) 

Kathi and I pedaled until lap 14, 42 miles seemed like a good time for a coffee break.  Luckily, there was a Starbucks a quarter of a mile off our route so we sat outside and enjoyed a latte and some mini scones before finishing the last 3 laps for the day.  I think we were both pretty happy to be done with the wind.  I was looking forward to the Sunday ride because predicted winds in the afternoon…

Day 2:  … was wrong!  When I woke up Sunday morning, all was quiet in the house, except for the sound of the wind chime outside.  Great!  So much for a calm morning.

 Kathi and I started Day 2 of the ride with not a lot of conversation, we were on a mission to get the laps done quickly before the wind really picked up.  It didn’t last long, by the third lap, the pretty flat street became Headwind Road and the other 2 streets had this swirly, nasty, ‘I’ll let you think it’s safe until you pass the park then you’ll get whacked by my wicked cross winds’ kind of wind. 

Six laps into the morning, we finally spoke…neither of us were happy and a little on the cranky side.  Luckily, salvation was a mere 1/4 mile away so we headed back Starbucks to strategize the remainder of the day.  Forty-five minutes later, charged with caffeine and scones we were bound and determined to knock out those last 10 laps.  Kathi pulled ahead of me and after 5 laps she was no longer in my sights.  The only communication we had with each other was an occasional, encouraging text message and a final one when we had started our last lap.  Victory had never tasted so sweet!

Needless to say, 2 days, 33 laps, 29 mph winds, 2 trips to Starbucks and 100 miles later, I’m in no hurry to see those 3 roads again…at least until next year. 

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