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AZ Trail 300–Day 3

May 3, 2010

Trail view of Rincon Mountains.

Pre-dawn light comes too soon after the full moon light faded, so I’m awake at 4:50 am. I linger in the warmth of my sleeping bag for a little while, mentally planning exactly how I will pack everything quickly and get on the trail. My cold hands fumble with various stuff sacks and straps; so it still takes me 40 minutes to get going.
Before 6 am, I’m riding on beautiful singletrack through rolling hills, headed toward Rosemont Junction. Again, I’m walking too early in the day over stuff I should be able to ride. Coordination skills and quads take awhile to warm up. I switchback down to washes and switchback out of them. I follow cattle running down the trail in front of me and dodge their fresh deposits.

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  1. brkeyes7 permalink
    May 3, 2010 7:33 pm

    Incredible effort! Nice work out there and way to represent. I can’t even imagine doing that and you must have learned a lot about yourself by going as far as you did. Hats off to you, you have inspired me.

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