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I am the Warrior

April 27, 2010

I will be racing again on Saturday, a trail run littered with “obstacles”, called the”Warrior Dash“.  I got a teaser email about six months ago, and it so grabbed my attention that I signed up that day when I discovered there was an event nearby.  My attention was captured by this:


The Thought Process

Hmmm, a race involving jumping over a pit of fire?  Why is that guy wearing a Viking helmet? *click*

It just got better...

Okay, so far the equation reads thus:  trail run “adventure” involving mud and fire + beer = FUN.  I’d better check the FAQ to see if there is anything else I need to know… *click*


Wait a minute–we get a warrior helmet, too?  SOLD! *click* [From here I immediately signed up.]

The Race

The race itself is a trail run with fourteen obstacles that racers must overcome en route to the finish.  They include (but are not limited to) gale force winds from some gargantuan fan, traversing a lot of mud, climbing a mountain of those huge, round straw bales, slogging through waist-deep water strewn with floating logs, scaling a cargo net, the aforementioned fire leap, and finally crawling through a mud bog with barbed-wire strung across at what appears to be thigh-level before crossing the finish line:

Keep your head down!

2000 or so people are “competing” and my wave starts at 1:00pm.  When I told my wife, Tiffany about this, she laughed and replied, “I have to see this.”  There should be plenty of muddy, goofy photos.  There are long indemnification and release documents to sign.  I hope I don’t break something.  My desire to don a stuffed Viking helmet is greater than my sense of self-preservation.  Although it does not involve cycling, call it “cross training”.  I will keep you posted and will “tweet” from the race!

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  1. christymcb permalink
    April 28, 2010 8:30 pm

    LOL, this sounds absolutely insane! I’m doing a 5k this weekend, I’ll end up with a t-shirt…the warrior helmet is gonna rock! I’m so envious!

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