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Team CR on the Podium!

April 26, 2010

Well, I was excited and quite surprised to learn that I secured 3rd place among clydesdales (for you lightweights out there that is a “special” class for athletes 200lbs and up) in the Dirty Rock Off-Road Triathlon yesterday. 

Go Team CR!

Usually there are at least a dozen or so clydes with the top three weighing 200+ pounds because they are over six-four in height–and run fast, leaving little chance of me placing.  I wasn’t sure exactly how many were in my class until later, when poring over race stats, I discovered that there were indeed more than three, but less than five participants.  At least I beat that other guy.  However, I am proud of a couple of things:  I came in 33rd overall, out of about 120-some-odd triathletes.  I came in 15th  in the bike leg, the best finish I have ever had, on or off-road. 

I attribute most of my performance in the bike leg to riding the single speed 69’er.  I have only now a few hours logged on the SS, but I’ve noticed a couple of things that work in my favor when racing with one speed:

  1. with no granny ring to shift to, you are forced to hammer up the hill or get off and walk.  I hate walking my bike.  I’m surprised at how “lazy” I am when I can be.  I rode the course faster than I would have because it forced me to push myself harder (or walk).
  2. the simplicity of one speed lets you worry more about the trail.  And mud.  And braking.  Not shifting!

I’m not claiming to be a single-speed-only acolyte, but it sure has a nice place in training and even racing for me.  Race photos should be ready in a day or two.  I will post some perhaps on the bike leg and at the finish.  I will spare all of you the shot that they always take as triathletes exit the pool.  This will help avoid full-boddy shudders, and outbursts at work like “Ewww!” or “Now that’s unsexy!”

The List

I can now cross one of my race goals off of my list for the 2010 season!

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  1. brkeyes7 permalink
    April 27, 2010 7:28 pm

    Congrats on not just the 3rd place but on the SS no less! You’ll never go back.

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