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I’m in the weeds

April 21, 2010

Getting back to my cycling goals - Shooting from the rough
I’m in the weeds …

Off the reservation, got voted off the island, fell off the wagon …

Nearly any analogy that you can think of about being off the program … I’m on it.

One thing about having a goal so far away is, it affords me the time to get back on the right path; the downside is I feel like I have the time to be on the wrong path … which I don’t, not even for a single day.

I suppose one of the nice things about shooting from the rough is that it’s pretty easy to see the green. I should get off the golf analogies, I like golf, but this is a cycling post [actually scratch that, I don’t like golf, I like walking around really well kept lawns and drinking beers with my buds]. So, what’s got me off track? Well work, kids, home, wife, time, the universe, life. I realize that excuses are not really helping me [but I am going to take this opportunity to make some anyway.]

I’m pretty much a classic stress eater, and the last 20 days have been classically stressful. My darling better half ran off to Vietnam took a trip to Vietnam to see her ailing grandmother. Along with her, went her parents, and a sibling or 2. Essentially my kids’ entire support structure. That left 2 boys, me and some saintly family friends to try to keep a couple of wild [in the best possible ways] boys’ lives as close to normal as possible. It moved my wake up time about 45 minuets earlier, so that I could get 2 little monkeys [instead of just my usual 1] ready for school. Drop the big one off at his school, and the little one off with one of the fore-mentioned saintly friends. Zip as fast as the law will allow across town to get to work on time … zip back across town to pick the boys up from which ever saintly friend has them that night. Dinner. Big one’s homework. Little one’s homework. Walk the dog. A few needed medical things. Reading time. Then about 9:30 … I can sit down and do my homework, which is just the work that I couldn’t get to at work-work, follow that up with some “home” work [that being the work that doesn’t have anything to do with work-work, just side projects really]. Walk the dog again, and off to get 5 hours sleep before I do it all over again. So, stressed? Why, yes thank you, just a little, around the edges.

Eating right … ehhhhh. Better than 6 weeks ago, but probably not as good as 3 weeks ago. Exercise you ask. I’ve been managing to squeeze some time on the trainer in there from time to time, but the better half comes back on Friday, and I can’t wait to feel the wind in my hair again.

\\ Climbing back on the wagon.

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  1. brkeyes7 permalink
    April 25, 2010 7:15 am

    Vietnam? You are lucky she came back, I visited a couple years ago and could easily live there. Loved it.

    I prefer to call it “taking a break” as opposed to falling off the wagon. Break is over!

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