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April 21, 2010

Well, after 3 weeks of awesome dry weather, and a final post on the race website claiming “weather be damned–the race is ON”.  My mountain bike race was postponed due to the 3″ of rain received the two days prior to the event.  So far my race schedule has been all blow and no go.  So instead of pre-riding the course to determined which bike to ride–the new singlespeed 69’er vs. old reliable (1999 Specialized FSR Enduro), my little family and I fished in the rain.

My eldest daughter has been after me to take her fishing for the past year, and although we had no luck (only my son got a few bites), they had fun watching the bobber float up and down in the current and touching icky nightcrawlers.  So despite a very anticlimactic weekend race-wise, I had a blast camping with my kids for a couple of days in this cabin on the lake:

Lake Murray, Ardmore, OK

This Sunday, however, I’m reasonably sure I will have a race.  My sprint-distance off-road triathlon that was canceled due to snow last month, is this weekend!  Looking at the forecast, I can see no obvious reason save a Texas tornado that will keep me from participating. 

The NEXT Saturday I have a race that has nothing to do with cycling called the “Warrior Dash”.  It involves trail running, obstalces (like a fire pit and cargo net, for example) and beer.  Should be fun!   For this weekend, depending on mud conditions or lack thereof, I will be racing on either the SS 69’er or the Frankenbike.  I’ll tweet from the race and update with my results!

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