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It’s almost here

April 12, 2010

This morning I almost took my bike outside.


Of course by outside, I really mean I almost drug my trainer out onto the back deck.  The wind was blowing just right, although a little cold for just shorts and a t-shirt. 

The wind I’m talking about here is that special wind that you only get in the mornings, and generally only when you’re near the mountains (or wilderness I guess, those morning desert winds are pretty nice).  The wind smells of spring and snow all at once – it’s the smell of change.  It’s that first breath you get when camping in the back country that just solidifies why you’re there. 

So, I didn’t quite make the switch out this morning, though I’m sure it will happen in the next few days.  The sun will be rising at just the right time that I can quite literally, ride towards the sunrise and feel the wind on my face.  Every cyclist knows that feeling of freedom, especially when you enter your pedaling zone.

Now sure, there’s lots of cyclists who have been riding all winter, or are already on the trails (I will be there soon, cross bike had an unexpected trip to the LBS), but that’s ok.  My first outdoor ride will be a post in and of itself – a moth escaping from its cocoon.

For this morning however, I just shivered and shut the door.  It’s still way too cold out.  28 degrees – BRRRRR!

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