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My best training partner

April 6, 2010

Everyone has one – that person you can always count on to be at the next run/ride, pushing you when you’re down, and being your support.  You’re there for them, calling each other when it’s nasty out, and just being ‘there’ for each othere.  Workouts are more fun when they’re around, and that last mile doesn’t seem so bad when you’re egging each other on.

I don’t have one of these right now.

What I do have though, is something infinately better.  I have a partner who while she doesn’t understand the insanity that is triathlon, she does accept my desire and drive to do it.  So she pushes me in all the ways I need.

See, I love morning workouts – other than the first 3 minutes between the alarm going off, and that first pull off the water bottle.  I love the morning endorphins, and I’m certain to have a better day if I get in a workout in the morning.  Unfortunately, it’s still tough.  Packing meals, gym bags, getting to rides – heck getting up some days – is a challenge.  A challenge Kate meets head on.

Now don’t misunderstand me.  The odds of getting Kate out of bed before 10AM are directly proportinal to the ammount of coffee I’ve brought her, and if “Say yes to the dress” is on.  She’s certainly not the one up and at em first thing in the AM. 

Instead, she takes away my excuses.  She packs my gym bag at night when she sets hers up.  She bakes me special high protien biscotti – so I can have my morning coffee and snack – without being tempted by the Costco muffin.  She reminds me to log my food, makes time for us to run together in the evening, and even keeps the cat occupied while I’m setting up to ride for the night.

Best of all, she gives me the “Get out of this bed before I kill you” look when the alarm goes off. 

There’s a reason I asked this woman to marry me, though these things are just a bonus.  Now if I could just get her to turn off the bathroom fan…..

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