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The 5AM setup

March 30, 2010

We’re all familliar with this on race day.  Going through your gear, setting up for a race, and mentally getting yourself ready.   What about those days that aren’t race days, but just training days?  Where you roll yourself out of bed and land straight into your runners, and you’re out the door before you’re even awake?

Yeah, this morning was one of those days.

I had done the unthinkable and unmounted my bike from my CompuTrainer.  Don’t ask why.  So when I’m setting it back up at 5AM, cat all up in my face, I couldn’t figure out why my bike was cocked at a crazy angle.  I set and reset a few times.  I pulled it out and wheeled it around my condo once just to make sure I wasn’t insane. 

Then I realized I was trying to mount it on the derailuer.  Thank goodness I didn’t crank it down.

So here’s to taking a few extra minutes to wake-up fully before starting your morning workout.  At least it’s almost light outside now, and the trails are clearing up.  I’ll be outside in no time.

Is that snow I see out my window?

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