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March 19, 2010

This always happens for my first tri of the year.  We have had two weeks of beautiful weather here in North Texas.  But as sometimes happens in early spring, we get a cold blast.  Here’s my race-day weather forecast:

"Rain, possibly turning to wintry mix late Saturday into Sunday morning"

Yep, about 7:35 am Sunday morning, as I enter T1, it should be at or about freezing.  Monday, the temp rebounds into the 60’s.  God indeed has a sense of humor.  The weather is generally nice enough here that I have not invested in much cold-weather cycling gear.  I have decided that it will probably behoove me to spend an extra few minutes in transition to apply my new handy-dandy leg warmers for the ride (which, due to excessive rain, has been changed to an “alternate road course” because the trails are not open.  This means no wind protection from the woods.  We are, however, required to still ride a mountain or hybrid bike, so the Frankenbike is still my pony.)

My wife finds it very humorous that this always happens to me and asked what I planned to do to stay warm.  “I’ll put on leg warmers for the ride, and then take them off for the run portion.  I should be warmed up okay by then,”  I said.  She emitted a small chuckle and said, “I need to see that!”  Being much less bike geek than myself, I knew what she was thinking, and corrected,  “Nooo, not the knitted ones that dancers wear!”

Note: These are authentic, licensed "Fame" leg warmers.

“Mmm-hm,” she smiled, “whatever.”  I think the pink would go best with my kit, although I think “shin warmers” would be a more appropriate moniker.  I don’t think the heels are SPD-compatible, though, and are not offered in a male size 10.5. (not that I checked.)

I’ll be tweeting (twittering? tweetering?) from the race to post my pain, hypothermia, and progress.  Maybe at least some of my competition will be scared off.  Follow me via twitter @dr_brett.

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