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March 19, 2010

Memecats are real

As an IT Manager and general geek, I’ve probably seen the majority of the lolcat or memecat phots that circulate the internet.  I always assumed these were staged photos with strange “Can I haz cheezbrgr” language on them.  Little did I know that these crazy cats were actually real.

Setting the stage

I live in Alaska, and right now (aside from this flu bug thing I’m battling) I’m doing fairly well in my indoor training.  My cycling choices are limited to either a trainer/rollers (I cannot imagine this scenario if I’d had rollers), or using a spin bike at the gym.  I generally elect to ride on my CompuTrainer in the living room, so I can catch up on past seasons of ’24’, and watch those DVR’d ‘Good Eats’ episodes.  Laugh if you want, Alton is like Bill Nye the Science guy and an Iron Chef rolled into one – with a healthy dose of Ben Stien.

Anyway, picture this if you can.  TT bike near the balcony doors (in case I get too hot), it’s 5:12 in the AM (so sleepy), and about 3 feet in front of my TT bars is a three tiered cat tree.  You know those kinds that have platforms for the cat to jump on and lay on?  I have a towel laid across the bars, and my water-bottle balanced between them.  Since I was watching ’24’ at the time (Episode 8, Season 5 – for those playing at home), I had my headphones in and was intnetly staring at my iPod screen.

Note that I’m not paying attention to the cat.

The Strike

Anyone who has a cat can probably see where this is going already.  I’ll give you a minute to make a mental image and then dry your eyes.

Now Babs (my cat) is a little black sweet-heart, with the yellow “I’m going to eat your face” scary eyes.  She’s so affectionate that it borders on the nauseus, and she’s not afraid to put herself in a position to get that affection if she feels that you’ve been ignoring her for longer than allowed (anywhere from 2m to 2d).  She’s also not de-clawed (this is called foreshadowing), so her attention getting methods can be painful.

I’ve always been careful on the bike when she’s around, because I fear one day she’ll put a paw into the rear wheel – and then I’ll have a mess on my hands.  She’s done sillier things (like run across the house full speed and then short the jump onto the couch – crashing into the side), so I’m not putting it past her.

I digress however.

On the morning in question, just as Jack Bauer was doing one of his “GIVE ME THE INFORMATION I WANT” angry faces, I heard the distinct sound of a tinkle bell (how I heard that over the iPod I’ll never know) and my periferal vision caught movement in front of me (I may have also seen the base of the cat stand move).  It seems that Babs had decided that the 8 minutes or so between sleeping on my head (don’t ask) and then was long enough for me to ignore her.  So, she decided to launch herself onto my bike.

Did I mention that she shorts jumps a lot?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to confess – it’s darn difficult to tip a bike over on a trainer.  As a big man I have some inertia to help me, but I still wasn’t sucessful (fortunately) and managed to stay upright as Babs clawed for purchase before sliding off the water bottle, between the aero-bars and the brakes, and taking the iPod and my sanity with her.  She then proceeded to run off a few feet and then lick her bottom – as if this was all part of her morning plan.

Lessons Learned

Don’t put the bike so close to the cat stand – and make sure the cat is fed (this turned out to be the real problem) before embarking on a morning spin.

I love that cat.

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  1. March 19, 2010 4:58 pm

    Hillarious! Perfect description of how a cat changes personality in an instant. I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself falling off the trainer. I’ve already sent this story to my catty friends.

  2. Kasseydc permalink
    March 21, 2010 9:34 am

    Hilarious! I, too, belong to a cat who insists on affection whenever I’m on my spin bike. She leaps on my handlebars….sigh. Scares the crap outta me every time.

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