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Are you ready to have your mind blown apart by the most awesome team in the Universe?

March 14, 2010

1st rule of advertising:  Don’t oversell. (oops) Cycling is my irrational passion.  I am 38 year-old Clydesdale, a class I confidently joined not realizing that many people weigh over two hundred pounds because they are six-foot five instead of five-ten.  I would probably find more success sticking to a sport more defined by my body style:  MMA, rugby, perhaps professional eating.  But alas, I love bikes and bicycle racing of all kinds, mountain biking being my favorite.  I am “Cat slow” in all cycling disciplines.  My most memorable experience on a mountain bike was on my old steel, fully rigid Giant Rincon.  In Northeastern Oklahoma I was climbing a familiar trail, winding above the Illinois River when I smelled (!) what I thought must be a deer.  Instinct stopped me  and I watched silently as the buck darted across the trail not twenty yards from me.  I enjoy the connection with nature and heightening of my senses that mountain biking requires.

I am an optometrist in North Texas and am dedicated to maximizing the vision of my patients locally and around the world.  I have been captured by the overwhelming need for medical care in India, where fully one-third of all blind people can be found.  The two leading causes of blindness of India are cataracts and simply needing glasses to correct vision.  Both of these causes are treatable!  One-fifth of the world’s blind children are in India.  Half of the conditions that cause their blindness are either treatable or preventable.

My cycling goal is to learn and race in each main cycling discipline in one season:  mountain bike in short track, downhill, and cross country; race TT, criterium, track, road, sprint triathlon, and cyclocross with my main season event being a full-distance XTERRA.  I will share my insights, training, experiences, results, successes, and failures along the way.  I am currently almost 25 pounds overweight at 219 pounds.  Sticking to my training and race schedule will be important to reach my target weight (193-195 lbs) by August building to my XTERRA event.  I want to use these races somehow as a platform to fundraise for my second annual trip to Patharpratima, Sunderbans Islands, India this November.  My goal is to provide more glasses for the villagers, and take a pair of sunglasses for every man, woman, and child in the village.  I hope to arrange cataract surgery for those in need.  I plan to take my bike with me for transportation (there are no cars on the island) and to haul supplies to and from the medical camp daily.

I love the racing experience and excitement that go along with it.  I know I will likely never podium.  I will be prepared, fit, strong, and finish hard.  I want my children to learn to do what they enjoy, not what they are “built” for and to love and help others.

My first race is coming up in about a week-and-a-half, an early-season off-road sprint triathlon.  The trails are beginner-moderate in difficulty, so I am going to try to race with my “Frankenbike”-cyclocross-hybrid-1×7 drivetrain-repowdercoated-chromoly steel-too-big-for-me Nishiki that I bought used in road guise ten years ago (complete with mag trainer) for $150.  Should be fun!

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  1. Carrie permalink
    March 15, 2010 5:25 pm

    Good luck in your first race of the season.. It’s awesome what u are doing for ppl and I’m happy to able to follow u on ur journey!

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